The view is widespread that capitalism is unsuitable as an economic system and that it must be replaced by socialism or at least transformed in such a way that it comes as close as possible to the socialist ideal. This notion that capitalism can be replaced by another economic system is, however, fundamentally wrong.

Whoever wants to abolish capitalism abolishes property and the price system and thus the source of prosperity gets extinguished. …

The Menace of Climate Threat and Health-Scaremongering

The governmental responses in many countries, including those of the “Western world”, to a supposed “pandemic” has taught us that existing institutions cannot be relied on to guarantee freedom and prosperity. The lockdown has driven many people into misery and robbed the citizens of their freedom.

Governments as the executive branch have come to disregard parliaments. There was hardly any resistance from the judiciary, although personal liberties were violated. Together with the deprivation of liberty, the impoverishment of large parts of the people by their own government went shockingly smooth and swift.

It is not only surprising that a relapse…

(Auszug aus meiner in Kürze erscheinenden Schrift “Mehr Kapitalismus wagen. Streitschrift für ein Gemeinwesen jenseits von Staat und Politik”)

Die staatliche Reaktion auf eine vermeintliche „Pandemie“ hat gelehrt, dass auf die bestehenden Institutionen kein Verlass ist, Freiheit und Wohlstand zu garantieren. Der Lockdown hat viele Menschen ins Elend getrieben und die Bürger ihrer Freiheit beraubt.

Auch in den sogenannten „westlichen“ Ländern hat sich die Exekutive über die Parlamente hinweggesetzt. Kaum ein Widerstand kam seitens der Justiz, obwohl persönliche Freiheitsrechte verletzt wurden. …

(English summary from the foreword and introduction of the upcoming booklet “Mehr Kapitalismus wagen. Streitschrift für ein Gemeinwesen jenseits von Staat und Politik”)


The march on the path towards destruction is gaining speed. For decades now, the so-called “Western” world is moving in the wrong direction. Plagued by growing interventionism, the economy is weakening. Yet instead of taking the worsening of economic performance as a warning that the wrong path is taken, governments implement more of the same bad policies. Instead of opting for more capitalism, governments choose more socialism.

Politics has become an obstacle to wealth creation. Under the…

A receita da Escola Austríaca


Grandes partes do mundo mergulharam em uma grave crise econômica não por causa de um fracasso da economia de mercado, mas por causa da política. Os governos aplicam uma cura pior que a doença. Em vez de fomentar a poupança, estimulam o consumo.

A receita da Escola Austríaca de Economia é diferente. Murray Rothbard (1926–1995), já explicou bem o caminho para sair da crise. Na sua análise profunda da Grande Depressão, Rothbard acerta que mais gastos do governo e mais liquidez não são a cura, mas deixar a deflação correr o seu curso. …



Nicht zum ersten Mal tun viele Regierungen das Gegenteil von dem, was nötig wäre, um die Weltwirtschaft aus der Krise herauszuführen. Das Rezept der Österreichischen Schule der Nationalökonomie bleibt weithin ungehört. Dabei hat Murray Rothbard (1926–1995) anhand seiner profunden Analyse der Großen Depression schon herausgearbeitet, dass der Weg aus der Krise nicht in mehr, sondern in weniger Staatsausgaben und nicht in der Schaffung von mehr Liquidität besteht, sondern darin, einer möglichen Deflation ihren Lauf zu lassen. Insbesondere kommt es nach Rothbard darauf an, nicht den Konsum anzureizen, sondern das volkswirtschaftliche Sparvolumen zu erhöhen.

Schuldenmacherei als Krisenpolitik

Konfrontiert mit der als…


The Turkish currency crisis has implications beyond Turkey and the Middle East. Under President Erdogan, the country pursues a policy of becoming the major regional power in its area of influence and — while being still a member of NATO — is forming new alliances that may include Russia, Iran, and maybe even China.

President Erdogan has taken center stage in this development whose geopolitical implications are enormous. The Middle East is a powder keg and Turkey had been an important economic and political partner of the West. If the current crisis should deepen, and the split with the West…

Confronted with a severely weakened economy as the consequence of the policy-ordered lockdowns, governments now get ready to apply another severe blow to the economy. The favorite means is more deficit spending. In the United States, President Biden announced a stimulus program amounting to $1.9 trillion. This amount would enter an economy that is already flush with liquidity. During the past twelve years, the American central bank has expanded its balance sheet in three major boosts, first from $900 billion in July 2008 to $2.1 trillion in November 2008, then from $2.8 trillion in November 2012 to $4.5 trillion in…

Einige grundlegende Überlegungen


Wirtschaftliche Entscheidungen befassen sich mit Knappheit, weil die Wünsche des Einzelnen die Verfügbarkeit der Mittel zur Befriedigung übersteigen. Wirtschaftlichkeit kommt ins Spiel, wenn es an gewünschten Gütern mangelt. Die Knappheit macht Berechnungen erforderlich, um zur ökonomisch passenden Wahlentscheidung zu kommen.

Das Leitprinzip im Umgang mit Knappheit sind Kosten und Gewinn. Profit ist der Leitfaden für den wirtschaftlichen Fortschritt. Wenn die wirtschaftliche Berechnung einen Gewinn ergibt, bedeutet dies, dass die Ausgaben als Kosten gut angelegt waren. Fortschritte wurden erzielt. Gewinne entstehen, wenn eine menschliche Handlung mehr Nutzen als Kosten bietet. …

Beyond the State and Politics


The Problem

Not for their establishment, but for their preservation, political systems need the approval of public opinion. Power never exists by crude force alone. State power dominates and falls with its legitimacy, which comes from the approval by the public opinion.

The great dictatorships of the twentieth century received their position of power from the belief in certain ideologies. Not the brutal violence made their rule possible, but the consent of the masses allowed the governments to use brutal force.

Today, the belief in democracy as majority rule dominates the mindset of the population…

Antony Mueller

Dr. Antony P. Mueller is a German professor of economics who currently teaches in Brazil. See his website:

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