Issue 2

Fear is the food of the State and the feed of politics.

The best way to avoid infection with the virus is to turn off the TV.

Are we ruled by bad people? Yes, almost always, and most of the time our rulers are not only bad but diabolically bad.

My role as an economist is that of a cleaning man muck out intellectual b. s. I will never be without work.

Great minds walk lonely roads.

The solution is not a different government and different politicians as an alternative, the solution is no government and no politicians.

The lockdown is not about saving lives, it is about destroying the economy, and, in the same way, social distance is not to save lives, but to undermine human society.

How do you call a pandemic with millions of cases, very few patients, and almost no definitive cause of death?

Governments are hesitant to return to normal because, if reason returns, their proper place would be on the stands of a court as defendants accused of capital crimes.

The statists had their chance for longer than they deserve, but they did not deliver. Now, before they enslave and completely impoverish us, it is time to give anarchists a chance.

The time of statism is over, the era of anarchism must begin.

Statists have argued for centuries, or rather, for thousands of years, which statist model would be the best. They tried them all, but all the statist models failed.

I would like to remind you that the choice is not between capitalism and socialism, but between anarcho-capitalism and state capitalism — socialism is just an extreme form of state capitalism.

Who needs foreign bombers to destroy a nation’s economy when the government itself can do it with the lockdown?

Most people love their bondage and many of them love it deeply.

Freedom 2020. Even if you must wear a face mask, you still have the freedom to choose among your preferred colors.

With regard to the political system, the coronavirus crisis leaves little doubt that the power is not with the people, capitalists, workers, students, intellectuals, but with the politicians and their masterminds who control the levers of the state.

Some men and women at the top can easily enslave millions, especially when the media are on their side.

To be against Laissez-Faire means to be against prosperity and, therefore, to be in favor of keeping people poor.

There is already sufficient evidence available to justify legal charges (extra-parliamentary private justice initiative) against the mass media (TV in particular) that they deliberately misrepresented the facts when reporting on the coronavirus and therefore contributed to triggering a mass hysteria that led to the blockade of the economy and social life which has caused serious, even fatal, large-scale harmful consequences for the health of the population’s body and mind. I recommend starting a process against the responsible politicians and their fans among the intellectuals and the media. Their crimes fall under the category of “democide”.

The coronavirus pandemic is not a medical phenomenon, but a socioeconomic and sociopsychological fact of mass psychosis.

The result of the lockdown policy is millions upon millions of deaths, especially among the young and the poor. Who takes responsibility for this criminal policy? The politicians? The media? Intellectuals with a passion for quarantine?

If a mosquito can bite your foot through your socks, how do you believe that a virus cannot get through the face mask made of cloth?

Do not blame the coronavirus for the economic meltdown. The virus is innocent. Do not blame the pandemic, blame those who gave the orders for the lockdown. Blame your governors and mayors for destroying your economic and social life.

The problem is not getting the virus or not, but whether it causes disease or not. Whether an infection turns into a disease depends on the strength of a person’s immune system. Therefore, to combat the disease that accompanies the virus, you must do the opposite that some governments recommend. Get out of quarantine, let the economy flourish, meet your friends, and laugh, enjoy the sunshine by taking a long walk, go to the beach and, most of all, turn off the TV.

Bad investments are worse than no investments.

Few things are costlier than governmental stimulus policies.

More and more academics of the intellectual type do not know how to do (for example, analyze, discuss and write properly) and do not know how to think anymore (not only that they lack own thoughts, they also no longer understand the thoughts of the great thinkers).

In the face of the absolute irrationalities of the state and the government, it is surprising that most common people are still healthy although their number is falling.

The time is coming to prepare a grand tribunal and hold governors and mayors accountable for the consequences of the lockdown they have imposed without having sufficient evidence to do so.

Dr. Antony P. Mueller is a German professor of economics who currently teaches in Brazil. See his website:

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