Tyranny in the Making —

The Menace of Climate Threat and Health-Scaremongering

The governmental responses in many countries, including those of the “Western world”, to a supposed “pandemic” has taught us that existing institutions cannot be relied on to guarantee freedom and prosperity. The lockdown has driven many people into misery and robbed the citizens of their freedom.

Governments as the executive branch have come to disregard parliaments. There was hardly any resistance from the judiciary, although personal liberties were violated. Together with the deprivation of liberty, the impoverishment of large parts of the people by their own government went shockingly smooth and swift.

It is not only surprising that a relapse into dictatorship was possible, just as astonishing is it how easy it was possible to abolish freedom and to destroy prosperity.

Everyone is now warned that the political-legal system, as it currently exists, guarantees neither freedom nor prosperity. The so-called “democratic constitutional state” has proven to be a phantom and the leading parties and politicians are exposed as charlatans. The representatives of the people and the judiciary have given in to the government’s claim to power.

How was this possible? Why did so few people fight back? There was also no massive resistance when it became apparent that much of what the government justified with reference to an “epidemic situation of national importance” is not true.

One answer to this is that the mass media, television in the first place, almost unanimously sang the song of the deadly pandemic and did not stop exaggerating as the evidence to the contrary mounted. Fear and horror were systematically spread. Critical voices were silenced and even prominent medical professionals along with renowned economists and social scientists were marginalized, condemned, and sarcastically pushed aside by politics and the media.

It is not new that an illusory reality may be held to be true. Such occurrences have happened again and again. History can tell of many incidents, according to which the strangest delusions have gripped individual groups. Soon the deed followed the thought. The attacks were carried out so quickly and deliberately that most of those who had remained sensible saw themselves unable to come to the defense in time. Before one could muster the strength to resist, society had become totalitarian.

The modern state has a degree of power that exceeds that of absolutism. In the course of the last few centuries a state apparatus has been built up that is more effective than anything known from history. The rulers have access to the monopoly of so-called “legitimate” use of force. And those in power use their monopoly — democratically elected or not.

For many people, the political business is unattractive and repulsive. While the morally intact and the psychologically balanced citizens tend to distance themselves from political activity, the situation is different with the fanatics. These are greedy to seize power to subdue the population and thus to impose their ideas on the people.

As long as there is competition among the groups of those greedy for power, there is a certain equilibrium in this “parallelogram of forces”, which in American constitutional theory is characterized as “checks and balances”. This principle says that the authorities control each other and keep each other in check. The separation of powers works as long as there is this reciprocal web of power limitation and power control.

What is not emphasized clearly enough in constitutional theory, however, and was also neglected by Montesquieu, the forefather of the theory of the separation of powers, is the fact that this system of mutual control and restriction can only function properly if free media as the fourth estate effectively perform their function of public control in journalistic terms.

The system of separation of powers fails when this external control no longer works. This is the case when an ideology has become so dominant that it is represented by almost all parties, courts, media, and educational institutions. It is not the reality of life that guides the insight of many people, but the manipulated media reality is perceived as the “real reality”.

It was not long ago that the delusions that emanated from Communism and Nazism brought unspeakable suffering to humanity. Although in the parliamentary minority, their party leaders could come to power and, once appropriated, could carry out their mischief by means of the state power.

It took less than a month, from the appointment of their party leader as Reich Chancellor on January 30, 1933 to the final seizure of power by the “Reichstag Fire Ordinance” on February 27, 1933, that the National Socialist Party gained almost complete control of the state.

The Soviets played almost no role in Russian political life prior to their grip on state power. Before the Russian Revolution, the prominent Bolshevik leaders were abroad. Lenin in Zurich and Trotsky in the USA. But then the German Reichswehr leadership sent Lenin, supplied with money and gold, to Russia to instigate a revolution. The journey started in Zurich on April 9, 1917, and Lenin arrived in Petersburg on April 16. From New York, Trotsky arrived in Petersburg on May 17, 1917. His venture was funded by Wall Street bankers. On November 7, 1917, the Soviets were in power.

Once these totalitarian parties had gained control of the state power, they could begin their ruthless policy of extermination.

The consolidation of power firstly requires the media to be brought into line. That was just as important to the Communists as it was to the National Socialists. Opponents of the regime had to have their voices taken away, while at the same time the new ideology was being trumpeted louder and wider. The people sank more and more into ignorance and let themselves be lulled by the propaganda as well as by their own thinking and doing. Anyone who expressed themselves critically was criminalized and finally executed.

In order to establish totalitarianism, those in power must first abolish freedom of expression. The incessant propagation of their own creed goes hand in hand with the deliberate eradication of the opposing views. Those who do not agree are branded a heretic, enemy of the state and foe of the people.

Since the World Health Organization (WHO) officially declared a “pandemic” on March 12, 2020, the restriction of freedom of expression has been advancing in leaps and bounds, while the government’s guideline is being heard all the more loudly in the mass media.

The restriction of freedom of expression has meanwhile also taken hold of the so-called “social media”. The passive media consumer hardly perceives a dissenting opinion. Only the few who specifically search for information can find web portals that report and critically analyze what is concealed in the mass media or just presented in a distorted manner.

The new ideology is environmental protection. This new ideology has changed colors. It is no longer red or brown but green. Yet in its radicalism it is just as strict: Every means is right to save the climate. Over the past few decades, the environmental protection movement has expanded so much that it has solidified into an ideology that has totalitarian traits.

Under the sign of climate change, the new world order is being driven by powerful organizations. These include the United Nations (UN) with its numerous sub-organizations (above all the UNESCO). In addition, there are several associations that are powerfully pushing the new agenda. Most prominent among them is the Club of Rome, which has been calling for ecological conversion since the early 1970s. Both, the Bilderberg Group, and the World Economic Forum (WEF), act as a global recruiting agency for aspiring politicians to do the business of molding the masses to submit to the environmental greed.

Under a common ideology, the state becomes a unitary state. The state apparatus and its organs and extensions — such as the judiciary, education, and the media — are united in a single party. Critical voices will not be tolerated. The deviants are chased down and silenced to the applause of the masses incited by the media. Under the umbrella of long-term ideological propaganda carried out by the media, the state apparatus no longer operates as a division of powers, but as a single unit. By incorporating the judiciary and the educational system into this system, the new totalitarian society emerges — this time no longer red and brown, but in green.

All of this means nothing less than the march towards socialism. Politics becomes totalitarian as the economy gets gagged. The result is lack of freedom and unrelentless economic decline.

(Based on the Foreword to my upcoming booklet “Mehr Kapitalismus wagen. Streitschrift für ein Gemeinwesen jenseits von Staat und Politik”)

Dr. Antony P. Mueller is a German professor of economics who currently teaches in Brazil. See his website: http://continentaleconomics.com/

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