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There are no greater crimes than those committed by the state — other than those by the deep state.

For each piece of statistics, you see, ask: “Who tells what, where, how, and for what?”

Modern medicine treats more and more and cures less and less.

Anarcho-capitalism is not perfect, but less bad than the other system of governance.

The quarantine policy in the wake of the fake coronavirus pandemic has shown that there is no shortage of useful idiots or voluntary executioners and that modern society in this regard is no different from the past.

The more alarming my warnings were, the more likely they have become reality.

When someone characterizes the financial markets as “explosive”, he should not fail to report that the central banks have delivered the dynamite.

The expansion of the government is based on the technique of first disrupting economic life, forcing citizens into poverty and then for the government to appear as the savior to whom there is no private alternative.

“Irrational” is not the same as stupid, irrational is making decisions without considering the trade-offs, the comparison between costs and benefits.

The most common logical fallacy of composition is to think that more money means more wealth. What is correct for an individual does not apply to all.

The practice of defaming dissidents by the mass media has grown at the same rate as their dissemination of false news.

Could it be that the hype with the coronavirus pandemic is not about your health, but to hide relevant news? When the pandemic reports take all space, other news will not be heard and, above all, we will never know what news it was.

2020 presidential election. Why promote the senile Biden as a candidate? Why the brutal attacks on President Trump? Confronting Donald Trump is less on him personally than on the presidency and putting Biden as president makes him the right candidate to smoothly hand over the presidency to those in power behind the scenes.

There is hardly a more contradictory statement than saying: “I believe in science”.

The pseudoscientist says: “I believe”, the real scientist says: “I doubt”.

Each year, we pay more for health, but people continue to die. How much would it cost to live forever?

You are old when you no longer run after your dreams but run away from them.

The dead do not lie anymore.

According to official data, no person dies of anything other than the coronavirus. Does this mean that we will live forever when we receive the vaccine? Is this the secret plan?

In 1917, Marx came to Russia as a tragedy, in 2020 he returns to the United States as a farce.

Is it true that before Trump’s presidency and the pandemic no one had died in the United States because before him there had not been any deadly diseases?

August 2020: the media celebrate the record of death from COVID. It seems that CNN is celebrating with joy as if the country had won another championship and the loser of the match is the incumbent President.

August 2020: The magic trick is distraction and that is what is happening with the corona crisis now. Be prepared for the big surprise. I promise that the surprise will not be good.

Since a pandemic was declared by the World Health Organization (WHO) in March 2020, we have lived in the absurdity that one must fear being censored when saying that there may also be other causes of death — in addition to COVID-19.

My pity for those who do not live because they are afraid of dying.

The most important art of all the arts is the “ars moriendi”, but few people practice it. I would like to remember: “Those who fear death cannot enjoy life”.

Did you already know that before becoming an economist, Karl Marx was already a communist and racist?

The secret to writing well is re-writing often.

For the vast majority of people, salvation is useless. Thus, be not be desperate if you cannot save them.

Not only can atomic, biological, and chemical devices serve as weapons of mass destruction, but many economic theories like MMT (modern monetary theory) also serves the same purpose. Whenever I hear MMT, I think of TNT.

Anarcho-capitalism comes into existence by default, not by force. The first step is a change in public opinion. The second step is to end the state and politics.

Anarco-capitalism (ancap) means that anarchism will keep us free and that capitalism makes us prosperous. Ancap denotes a free and prosperous society. The counter-model to ancap is socialism, both in its nationalist version (national socialism) and in its international version (Comintern), both of which mean a society that is neither free nor prosperous.

In the 60s and 70s the young people were either Sartre or Camus. It was the choice between despair or happiness in the face of the abyss. Then it was the choice between Marx and Mammon — both of which ha ve brought despair.

If there was still a need to prove the cruelty, falsehood and absolute evil of statism, it was delivered by the current globalist attack on humanity with the politicians’ response to the coronavirus pandemic.

For each book on history “a report on the crimes of statist” would fit as a subtitle.

The state does not represent the common good, but it is an instrument of power in the hands of the government.

The seven steps to decline and decadence:

1. Parasitism (dependency culture)

2. Moral relativism (postmodernism)

3. Technocracy (cult of science, expertocracy)

4. Social engineering (state capitalism, government interventionism)

5. Selective Eugenia (cult of death, abortion, and depopulation)

6. Social credit system (behavioral control)

7. Digital totalitarianism (transhumanism)

For now, I am happy because I still have more questions than answers.

A good society offers freedom and prosperity. Prosperity without freedom is hopeless, freedom without prosperity is empty.

The five steps to ruin an economy are:

1. Increase public spending to feed idleness

2. Increase wages above productivity

3. Expand social benefits at the expense of private provision

4. Inflating bank credits

5. Stimulate consumption instead of production.

Dr. Antony P. Mueller is a German professor of economics who currently teaches in Brazil. See his website: http://continentaleconomics.com/

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